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  • Top Retailers Accessing AdConductor Supply

    One of the things we’ve constantly stressed is the value of the supply we have exclusive access to.   Quality supply means performance – and that is the name of the game.   An interesting analysis was recently released by kbs+ Ventures on the 2012 holiday shopping season (read full report here).   The big news out of the report – and not a big surprise – was that programmatic buying took off.   Retailers looking to efficiently reach customers turned to demand side platforms (DSP).

    The other nugget that came out of the report is that the top 20 retailers still turned to ad networks for inventory and reach.   Only two adnets were used by more than 50% of the top 20 retailers – Google AdWords (text) and Burst Media (display).   AdConductor has exclusive access to Burst inventory.  Inventory we know is vetted for quality and high in rotation.  So for the top retailers who are not using AdConductor to access quality inventory – time to do so.  And for all those other marketers out there looking to access quality inventory through programmatic buying talk to you trading desks and DSP about accessing AdConductor supply.